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The WTC exists to

  • provide economic benefits to its members and to the wider Woomelang and District community
  • establish small-scale manufacturing in our area
  • provide jobs and skills training for our members and our community
  • help to grow our town and district economy

What is a Trading Co-operative?

A trading co-op is set up to make a profit, and for the members of the co-op to share the profits according to how many shares each member holds. The law is administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria. To find out more about how a trading co-op works, talk to us at the co-op, and also check out the CAV web page on co-ops.

Who can join?

Anyone living in the Woomelang Area. The boundaries of this area are set out in our Rules – click on the link to the right to look at the roads that mark our boundaries, and scroll down to see the map. Click on the link below the map to browse it in Google Maps.

How do people join?

You can join by purchasing as little as a single share for $10, and by paying an annual Fee of $10. The share price and annual fee can only be changed by a vote of the membership, and any change has to be approved by CAV – so they won’t be changing any time soon.

Active membership

Co-op Members have to be active. We have two different kinds of membership: Working Members and Supporting Members. Working members work in any part of the co-op, helping to generate the profits. Their work earns points; once a working member earns a certain number of points, they are awarded a share in the co-op.

Supporting members support the work of the co-op by paying their annual fee, and if they want to, by buying extra shares.

What about under-18s?

Woomelang area residents under 18 are welcome! Members under 18 years of age can’t vote, but they can hold shares, be part of the Co-op and share in the profits. And their ideas and their voices will always be heard.

How is the Co-op run?

Members elect a Management Committee, who oversee the day-to-day operations. Members decide how much control the Committee will have; members decide what the activities of the Co-op will be, and how money will be spent – the Committee then carries out the members’ wishes, and reports at Co-op meetings.

What is our Trading Co-op for?

A group of us wanted to start some small-scale manufacturing for export, that would happen locally to benefit local people. Initially, we hope to make hand-made paper products – greeting cards and gift wrap – with locally-inspired artwork, and to market and sell them overseas.

Over time we hope to add other manufacturing projects so that we have some diversity in small-scale manufacturing.

We also want to operate in such a way that we can help under-18s to acquire skills in different parts of the Co-op business, so that there are job opportunities for them after school, TAFE and university – and in time, we hope to attract more people to live and work in our area.

Working Bees

See our Facebook Events for future bees, or contact us to get SMS or email reminders.

Production Sessions

Watch our Facebook page for the next session!

Next meeting:

Meetings in 2017 will be a bit ad-hoc – subscribe to our Facebook page Events feed to get a notification of meetings and working bees. Come and join in the fun!


Our current directors (who are also the management committee), elected in May 2015 for a one-year term, are: Natalie Ladner, Les Knights, Trish Fraser, Lisa Molina, Joe Collins.


Our bank account is now open and the first deposits have been made. We’re on the way!

We’re Legal!

We’ve been registered for a while now; our registration number is G0003541B. We’re gradually putting all our procedures into place, and writing them up – watch this page as we upload all our documents.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like one of us to come and talk to your group about the Co-op – what it is, what we’re doing, and all about membership – contact us – see the details on the right. We’d love to come and talk to your community group about what the Co-op can do for all the people in the area.

Please save your used paper!

We need:

  • used printer paper – even if it’s been printed on both sides
  • clean butcher’s paper
  • envelopes (even windowed)
  • shredded printer paper
  • plain paper bags – printed or not (but not with glossy coatings)
  • clean cardboard – white or uncoloured (brown)

What we can’t use:

  • glossy paper – magazines and catalogues and flyers
  • newsprint
  • giftwrap with glossy coatings or foil coatings
  • cardboard or boxes with glossy coatings

Where to drop off your paper donations:

At the Café on meeting nights
At 10 Carr Street – Trish has a collection point

If you can please put your paper in a bin bag or similar, and stick a note on it to say it’s paper for the Co-op, you can drop it off at either place at any time.

Meeting Minutes

Co-op Documents

View Woomelang Co-op area in a larger map

Contact Us

Trish Fraser 0451 114 254 or

Check out our logo!

The Woomelang Trading Co-op Logo
The Woomelang Trading Co-op Logo

Click the image to see it a bit larger. Thanks to Lisa Molina for this beautiful design.