WDDA doings, fuel and more


The WDDA AGM for 2018 has elected office-bearers for the coming year; we’re very happy that the fuel station is now open for business, and we’re planning some more working bees at Combine Corner to extend the gardens, close off the old driveway and add gravel to the track from the new driveway.

Check the Meeting Minutes page for all the latest information.


The brief power outage on Wednesday 29th caused some issues with the electronics, with SGH attending to sort it out.

A couple of tips for using the card reader:

  • Check the bowser number before you insert your card – you’ll be glad you did!
  • Make sure to hit the green button after each step.

Pick My Project

We had a successful how-to-vote session at the School on Wednesday evening – but if you haven’t voted, there’s still time! All you need is internet access. If you still need a hand, Monica at the Store or Rick at North West Ag will be happy to help. Here’s the poster with voting information – click to download the pdf:


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