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Traveller’s Rest – it’s all go!

Our Traveller’s Rest has been developing for quite a while, but we’re really getting things happening in the last little while – first, the surface and driveways were sorted, then the toilet block and septic went in, then we got our brilliant mural (video here), and then the shelter went up (grand pictures here) – and now we’ve got another milestone to report…

The excellent Nathan Pengelly, our plumber from Ouyen, has worked his magic and we now have a working toilet, just behind the new Shelter, in nice time for folks travelling for Easter! We have the RV dump point almost ready – just waiting for some concrete, as are the shelter and footpath. Watch this space!

This is one of the major projects your WDDA has been nursing along – check out the March minutes to see what else we’ve been up to.

And if you need a plumber, Nathan’s your go-to guy – call him on 0418 512 736.

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