Market day coming up; WDDA doings – and more!

Sunday 29th is our monthly market day; come down and browse for those special Christmas presents, get your pre-fire season safety info (restrictions come in to force the next day!) and eat up a storm at the Café. Weather forecast is for a warm day with a nice crisp start, so enjoy!

Our local CFA had an open meeting and information session for locals to help prepare for the fire season, which could be a big one – there’s been lots of growth, so there’s lots of fuel. If you didn’t make it, call in at the market (or at the store) to pick up information and a fridge magnet with all the numbers you need; get your plan happening sooner rather than later.

WDDA has had the final meeting for the year (harvest is almost upon us), and the minutes are up on the WDDA minutes page. Next meeting is in February – the usual 4th Tuesday at 6pm at the Multi-Purpose Centre. We encourage everyone to come along and get involved!

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