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Here’s where you can browse through pictures or catch up with our local doings. Some are images and some are pdf files – click on each one to see!

Local Artwork trails

We’ve quietly been building up a grand gallery of works by local Artist, Phil Rigg, whose gallery in Lascelles has delighted passers-by on a daily basis – they’re down by Cronomby Tanks, and there are a couple more by the Store. Here are some of them:

Phil works in Iron, but he also works in more traditional media;  set out for a nice amble and a look; there’s more of Phil’s art by the Store and in Combine Corner and by the Caravan Park. While Phil is now living elsewhere, his presence in our town is strong!

Developing the Combine Corner complex

This gallery is large and growing, so we’ve given it its own page – click here to check it out.

Woomelang Sketches

The originals of these historical sketches are hanging in the Community Hall – click each thumbnail to view at full size. The old Church is no longer in town, having been moved down to the Mornington Peninsula to be part of a functions venue – look your fill at how it used to be!

The Woomelang Sun

We’ve got a selection of the digitised back issues of the Woomelang paper for your delectation – and if you’d like to see other issues or purchase the full set, contact the Historical Society.

The Woomelang Weekly

Catch up on all the local and school news – published weekly.

More Woomelang Weekly

Woomelang!! What’s On??

Before the Weekly, What’s On gave us a fortnightly newsletter of events and doings about town. Check our archive!

Woomelang General Store and Café

Feast your eyes on Mon’s scrumptious offerings. We can attest that they taste as good as they look!

Woomelang pictures

Stroll through images of Woomelang and our amazing landscape.

Do come back – we update our galleries with the seasons, with local events, and just because we love our place and we’d like to share! Many of the photos in the galleries have been made by, and are copyright works of local photo-genius Philip Down. If you’d like to contact him about getting copies of his work, or having him take wonderful pictures for you, check his contact details in our Business Directory page.