Come out and help celebrate!

Invitation to the Opening, with a picture of Our SnakeOn Friday, July 28th, at 11am, we’re going to officially open the Corner Development – please come and join in the fun!

The Mayor of Yarriambiack Shire will be there, along with the kids from the Group School, and lots of folk who’ve kept this whole project alive throughout the ten years it’s been in the making. Hear about the steps along the way, and the hurdles that had to be climbed over, and all the volunteers who quietly gave their time, effort, money…

We’ll have historical displays, and food, and you can enjoy the landscaping, and check out any of the new stuff you haven’t seen; catch up with friends and find out what’s happening next.

Oh, and the Name – can’t miss the announcement of the Name!

See you there!


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